As a practitioner of the healing arts Janine works with the body’s inherent ability to heal it self. Her work is a blend of traditional Osteopathic work such as Craniosacral TherapyVisceral Manipulation and Musculoskeletal Techniques. Each treatment is tailored to the client and their individual constitution and needs. Janine would like to create a space to bring consciousness and awareness back to the body and mind.

Restrictions of any kind-may they be traumatic accidents, chronic conditions, stress or emotional imbalances- can interfere with the body’s natural ability to function well. As the tissues twist, compress and contract - fluid continuity becomes compromised, and normal physiology is impaired. If left untreated, this altered tissue function can remain present throughout a person’s life, long after the disruptive influence has passed.

In a treatment Janine appreciates the significance of even the smallest motion within all the tissues and cells of the body, and applies this understanding in a unique form of therapy. Through manual "listening" techniques she works with the body to find the true cause of acute and chronic illness ("primary dysfunction") Thus, the body lets go of previous trauma stored in muscle, fascia, the fluid system, other connective tissues and/ or skeletal layers to regain the ability to express optimal health.

LMT #16319